Putting Neuroscience to Work
Bringing Brain Performance to Life.

We help our clients to improve cognitive performance and emotional flexibility through the latest neuroscience research, technology and strategies.

Our clients say they have improved memory, reduced anxiety, sharpened focus, enhanced attention, reduced stress and improved overall wellbeing.

About Neuro-Informed.

Neuro-Informed Ltd was launched in 2021 in response to a global lack of provision for Applied Neuroscience in the workplace.  We believe that everyone deserves to gain a better understanding of their brain for increased cognitive flexibility, better mental health and wellbeing.  Organisations gain from a more Neuro-Informed workforce who can foster psychological safety and trust, both known to improve performance and agility.

Our consultancy, courses, coaching and collaboration are already proving popular with training companies, leaders,  colleges and universities.  We are excited as we move into new areas throughout this year.


Naomi Glover

Managing Director.

Naomi is a Consultant, Trainer and Coach specialising in improving Brain Health and Cognitive Performance throughout life.  

She brings neuroscience-informed research, strategies and training to augment the work of leaders, managers and people development professionals.

With a career in Learning and Development spanning 20 years, Naomi provides specialist consultancy and training programs for forward-thinking organisations. She has a Master's degree in Applied Neuroscience from King’s College, London and has been coaching for over 18 years. She trained in Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching with international experts and studied Executive coaching with University of Cambridge.

Naomi is highly collaborative and uses a supportive and innovative approach to translate evidence-based research into practical solutions and tools for organisations and individuals.


Just-In-Time consultancy for workplace challenges or ongoing relationships to improve performance and wellbeing.



Bespoke courses  designed to suit your people from our wide range of Neuro-Informed™ Topics



Our Neuro-Informed™ coaches are highly experienced and trained in evidence-based strategies.



Partnering with other organisations and providers of Learning & Development for People Professionals

How we work.

1 We research the latest neuroscience and evidence based cognitive science and use it to underpin our work.  Then we  translate the evidence into accessible content and practical applications for organisations in every sector who welcome a foward-thinking approach to leadership, learning and organisational development.


2 We put individuals and teams at the centre of improved workplace wellbeing. Delivering tools and techniques to train your people on how the brain works. We believe that everyone should have the change to learn how their brain affects behaviour and how they can optimise it.  Partnering with you to build individual and organisational resilience and improve performance

3 Delivering bespoke consultancy, research and training we can support your organisation; whether it’s analysing and optimising your existing toolkits and training, or creating new strategies and interventions. All our work is based on the latest evidence and insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology