Are You Overlooking Your Brain Health?

The brain is by far the most complex organ of the body. It is home to about 86 billion neurons (brain cells) which together communicate through trillions of connections. The brain creates every thought, action, belief, emotion and sense. It is what makes you, you. Yet most people still know little about their brain and how they can keep it healthier for longer.

What is BrainĀ Health?

“Good brain health is a state in which every individual can realize their own abilities and optimize their cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioural functioning to cope with life situations.”
(World Health Organization)

What can you actually improve?

There is now strong evidence to show that Brain Health Training can improve:
šŸ§  Memory
šŸ§  Concentration
šŸ§  Focus
šŸ§  Prioritisation
šŸ§  Confidence
šŸ§  Communication skills
šŸ§  Engagement
šŸ§  Social connectedness
šŸ§  Innovation
šŸ§  Strategic planning

Recent research has found…

As more people work within the ‘knowledge economy’, the need for optimising our Brain Health is even more important. Ā Workplaces require cognitive flexibility and advanced executive function including emotional agility and responsiveness, wise decision-making and exceptional ability to build relationships.

Common problems with memory, concentration and communication can be improved and sometimes completely reversed through a combination of addressing medical risks, improving lifestyle factors and participating in cognitive training.


Top Tips to get you started:

Measure your Brain Health now!

Book a 15 minute initial Brain Health ConsultationĀ to explore how a personalised Brain Health Programme could work for you.

Once you’ve measured your Brain Health, take some steps to improve it!

Protective – Address Your Risk Factors

Some health issues are known to increase risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and co-occuring disorders. So, it’s important to have the following checked regularly:

šŸ§ Heart health and blood pressure

šŸ§ Hearing

šŸ§ Oral Health

šŸ§ Weight problems

šŸ§ Have vitamin and hormone deficiencies checked by GP as they can commonly damage cognitive health.

Proactive – Choose Lifestyle Changes

šŸ§ Exercise daily at least 15 mins moderate activity but more is even better

šŸ§ Eat a range of vegetables and ideally the MIND diet

šŸ§ Boost your Sleep with a Sleep Hygiene programme or reach out to your GP for help.


Powerful – Optimise Cognitive Function

Want to improve your executive function? AĀ Brain Health Consultation can help identify the underlying causes and create a personalised programme to improve your brain health including your memory, concentration, attention, focus, engagement, planning and decision-making.

Even if you’re currently working effectively in a senior role, your brain is your most valuable resource. Choose to ignore it or choose to optimise it.

Neurodivergent individuals may be diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or even mental health conditions such as Anxiety and mood disorders. Ā Each of these can benefit from a greater understanding of their brain and recognition of how to optimise executive function.

For organisations keen to support their staff, we can run group training sessions to improve neuroliteracy and group coaching to build better brain health across your business.

How will your people benefit?

šŸ§ Enhanced communication
šŸ§ Emotional agility
šŸ§ Psychological flexibility
šŸ§ Advanced Innovation
šŸ§ Compassionate Leadership
šŸ§ Greater Engagement

Why just address mental health when you can gain so much more with a proactive approach to brain health?


Return to this page regularly for updates on the latest research and feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or questions.