Looking for evidence-based approaches to improve wellbeing?

Want to explore psychometric testing that is designed for social good?   The VIA Character Strengths Questionnaire is a scientific instrument which measures 24 core strengths, and has  been accepted as a validated, reliable psychometric test.  Unlike many others, the tool has been validated across 75+ countries and is accepted cross-culturally.

A recent study found that in a group of people who had an upcoming stressful event, just having an awareness of their own character strengths increased wellbeing and reduced stress.  Character strengths also seem to promote mental health and resilience  over time, even in situations such as the pandemic. Not to mention, there are whole books devoted to validated, researched interventions that can be used to address underuse and overuse of certain strengths.

Taking the test takes about 15 minutes and provides you with a ranked list of your own Character Strengths. Want to look at it for yourself?

When you have 15 mins to yourself, you can get your own ranked list of character strengths for free at:


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