Neuro-Informed are delighted to be hosting a free session to help raise awareness and understanding of menopause.  I’m enormously grateful to be joined by two fantastic women, Treesje Verlinden and Dr Dani Hristova and together we’ll be sharing the latest research and proactive strategies alongside our personal insights and experience.  Menopause happens to half the population yet most of us have no idea of the impact it has, not just on our body, but our memory, focus, ability to learn confidence and so much more.  Through raising awareness, we hope to improve access to early intervention to reduce the risks of serious effects of oestrogen hormone deficiency including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and dementia.  We’ll be exploring updates to the research on Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as lifestyle changes that can help improve our quality of life through a transition.

We hope you can join us.  Please register using the link below.

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